February 20th

OK, not that anyone’s reading this anymore, but I didn’t like the idea of just leaving a post up with no explanation as to what happened.

Basically, because of my work, I try my best to keep a low profile. Someone got a bit too close, so I shut it down. Also, I found that I didn’t really have anything to say anymore that I couldn’t say on Facebook with less effort.

I’ve been back on the Home Planet for the past 7 months and it’s been amazing. I work my ass off and never see my wife and spend the weekends playing Mr. Mom, but it still beats living on that shitty backwater planet of Trafalmadore.

I never want to go back there.

Don’t get me wrong. The Trafalmadorian people were amazing. Gracious, tenacious, caring, and completely undeserving of the crappy hand they’d been dealt in life thanks to a certain cigar smoking bearded dictator who just won’t let go and die already.

But I never want to go back there.

The other day, someone in my office was microwaving a can of SpaghettiOs. I almost threw up when I caught a whiff of it as I had been forced to consume so much of it during the 2 years we were on Trafalmadore since there was no food to be found anywhere.

I will never eat canned food again. I feel kind of like Scarlett O’Hara when I say that.

I know there are worse countries to live in, and that others have been through worse, but I really can’t see why anyone would ever want to voluntarily live in such a craphole as Trafalmadore.

Wonderful people, great culture, shitty country. That’s the bottom line.

OK, all for now. Perhaps I’ll check in later, though I doubt it.

Just wanted to clean this site up a bit.


1 Response to “February 20th”

  1. 1 dave June 9, 2010 at 3:32 am

    welcome back….living overseas just makes you appreciate there even more. cheers.

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